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Words are much more than just written statements.

People express themselves, they process the past and create the future. Words serve as inspiration and attract attention when other methods have long lost their power.

More and more entrepreneurs are opting for digital magazines in addition to their social media presence, to expand their brand and reach more customers. After all, this format is perfect for positioning your expertise, creating and giving out valuable content and display your products professionally in front of a large audience.

But how do you create, produce and position a digital magazine on the market and set up a successful PR strategy that turns readers into paying customers?

And how can you use a digital magazine as an audience magnet and get a return on investment without stressing about winning advertising partners?

The answer is: Storytelling is the new trend.

Here at Fempress Media, we are publishing experts and help entrepreneurs to use the power of storytelling to give businesses a real boost using digital magazines.

Join us and use the power of storytelling for your brand!

Pack your expertise in a digital magazine and inspire even more people with your niche and your product - without constantly hard selling or cold calling! Get in touch with us to learn how this could work for your brand!



SWEET SPOT is the magazine for female empowerment, personal development and authenticity. We put a special focus on the behind-the-scenes stories of ambitious female entrepreneurs, who are giving us an unpolished, unmodified and unscencored look behind their entrepreneurial journey and answer one of the most frequently asked questions among newcomers: How did you do that?

*available in English and German


We put an end to bad news! The world is far too beautiful to only deal with negative headlines. This magazine is focussing on positive vibes only!

*available only in German


A digital lifestyle magazine that focusses on everything

around veganism in the big picture - sustainability, wellness,

fitness, fashion, beauty and of course food.

Delicious recipes from our editor-in-chief,

who still cooks, arranges and photographs for you.

*available in English only